Clearing Criminal Records For Clients In The Inverness Area

A criminal record can make finding a job, renting an apartment or obtaining financing for school incredibly challenging tasks. Fortunately, in some cases, Florida law allows for the expungement or sealing of a criminal record. With the assistance of an experienced lawyer, you may be able to seal your record or obtain expungement, allowing you to move forward with your life without the added challenges imposed by a criminal past.

Even if your charges were dropped, adjudication was withheld or your case was diverted into an alternative sentencing program, the records relating to your arrest and proceedings may still be visible in simple background searches. Our firm can help you eliminate these records, allowing you to legally deny or acknowledge the arrest.

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Detailed Guidance Throughout the Expungement Process

Clearing your criminal record can be a lengthy and complicated process, one involving extensive paperwork and communication with the courts. Our lawyers offer informed guidance throughout the process in an effort to help you obtain a clean record as quickly as possible.

Our founder’s understanding of the process gives us the ability to seal or remove your records at the courthouse and erase them from the Internet, and gives you the ability to deny arrests or avoid questions relating to your past.

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