Experienced Legal Defense Against Drug Offenses In The Inverness Area

Convictions relating to drug crimes can carry severe penalties, both at the time of sentencing and in the long term. On top of hefty fines, a mandatory two-year license suspension and possible jail time, drug convictions can limit your chances of obtaining employment, renting an apartment and receiving financial aid from the government. With these harsh and lasting penalties, having the assistance of an experienced lawyer when facing charges relating to drug offenses is vital.

For more than 30 years, Melisa L. Militello, P.A., has provided aggressive defense representation to clients charged with drug offenses in the Inverness, Florida, area. Ms. Militello’s work as a prosecutor, and knowledge of area courts and judges allows her to offer the helpful advice you need to make the most educated defense decisions possible during your proceedings.

Whether you have been charged with simple marijuana possession or felony drug crimes such as drug manufacturing, trafficking or possession with intent to distribute, we have the experience and knowledge needed to mount a strong defense.

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Experienced Guidance Throughout Your Drug Offense Proceedings

As a prosecutor, Ms. Militello handled countless misdemeanor and felony drug-related cases, giving her knowledge of the tactics employed by the state during these proceedings. Using this knowledge, she performs an in-depth review of your charges, the investigation leading to your arrest and the evidence against you to search for deviations from police procedure, infringements upon your rights, and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Any information gained during this investigation can then be used to apply pressure on the prosecution to negotiate an acceptable plea or drop your case entirely. Of course, should a favorable plea be impossible or against your best interest, we will fight to prove your case in court before a judge or jury of your peers.

Our founder’s work as a defense attorney has also given us insight into alternative sentencing options, including drug treatment programs, which can help you avoid a conviction and lasting stain on your record.

Felony Drug Offenses

Certain drug crimes are automatically felonies, including drug manufacturing, trafficking and conspiracy. For others, like drug possession, a felony charge depends on the type and amount of the controlled substance that was seized. Prescription drug fraud is also typically a felony charge.

Felony drug cases will turn on the facts, such as whether you were near a school or church when arrested or if you were found with drug paraphernalia like multiple baggies of drugs, scales or equipment used to grow or cultivate illegal substances. These facts only enhance the penalties you could face. Therefore, having an experienced defense team on your side is imperative to achieving the best possible outcome.

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