An Experienced Inverness DUI Attorney

Aggressively Defending Your Driving Record From Undue Harm

Facing a traffic or DUI charge can be frightening. Hefty fines, jail time and loss of your driver’s license are just a few consequences a person faces when they are dealing with a traffic citation. Because of these consequences, you need a lawyer who understands the criminal justice legal process and the options you have in defending yourself against them.

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Personalized Attention To Your Traffic Offense Concerns

Whether you have been arrested for DUI, or cited for a serious traffic violation, you need an attorney who will fight to help you protect your driving record from unnecessary harm.

In an effort to do so, Melisa L. Militello, P.A., makes sure to conduct a thorough examination of the events leading to your traffic stop and the officer’s actions during and after your arrest. During our investigation, our attorneys work to ensure that your rights were protected and all police procedures were properly followed. Any information to the contrary can be used to help you negotiate a favorable plea or have your charges dismissed altogether.

Our DUI representation will address not only the issues stemming from both the criminal proceedings but the administrative license hearing before the Department of Motor Vehicles (Representation at the administrative hearing requires an additional retainer fee). This comprehensive approach allows our lawyers to help you search for favorable resolutions on both fronts.

Don’t Wait To Get an Attorney Involved. Call Us Immediately.

Within 10 days of a DUI arrest, there are several key steps we can take to help you limit the damage done by a conviction and potentially avoid lengthy license suspensions. This minimal time frame makes it vital that you obtain legal counsel immediately.

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